Sunday, July 10, 2016

Honolulu Board of Realtors Released Residential Real Estate Resale Statistics for June 2016

The Honolulu Board of Realtors released the statistics for June 2016 last week. I am delayed in blogging a summary of the statistics due to a personal unexpected situation that occurred last week and we, as a family, needed time to adjust. Anyway, since the statistics have been summarized by dozens of other sources by now, I decided to do something different with them this month. Let me know what you think.

Single-Family Homes and Condos set a record median price in June 2016. That is an 8.6% increase to $760,000 for SFH and 19.8% increase to $405,500 for Condos.

Today, Sunday, June 10, there are 81 SFH open houses scheduled for open house in the MLS that fall under the median price of $760,000. These are 5 on the schedule that have a list price between $755,000 and $765,000; of those 5, 2 are already in escrow according to their MLS statuses. [Link to list]

For Condos under the median price of $405,500 that are scheduled for an open house today, the MLS shows there are 77 scheduled. These are 4 on the schedule today that have a list price between $400,000 and $410,000. All 4 are currently showing active statuses in the MLS.

To help see what buyers were able to purchase in the past 180 days at the median price, here are two lists. There were 11 SFH sales that closed at exactly $760,000 during the period and this is the link to the list. There were 18 Condo sales that closed at exactly $405,000 ($405,500 is an unusual number and there weren't any sales at that exact number) and this is the link to the list. By analyzing these lists, you are able to sort of see a variety of differences in the types/sizes of homes or apartments that can be sold or purchased at last month's median prices. You can see the asking list price versus the sold price, days on market, location and other useful details. Reports can be customized and prepared using many parameters to suite the task and if you would like assistance with a customized report, please let me know.

These maps lay out the locations of the 11 SFH sales and 18 Condo sales
that show up as having sold in the last 180 days at $760,000 for SFH and
$405,000 for Condos. Click hyper links for list details. 

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